These are images of the recent visit to China by members of the AIUTA Governing Board for the opening of the Tianma Vellas International U3A [TVIU]. We were guests of the new organisation which is supported by the China Association of Universities for the Aged [CAUA]. The Chinese use University for the Aged [UA] as we use Universities of the Third Age [U3A]

TVIU is planning to run study tours in Yantai, and an annual international art exhibition for U3A members in Yantai in May each year and to facilitate international exchanges. The facilities for TVIU are already in place or very close to completion and include the bottom three stories of a tower block for the TVIU offices, including a reception area with a history of the U3A Movement, and study and activity rooms, one hundred apartments for students, a large exhibition area and fifteen apartments for tutors.

Origins of the U3A/UTA movement worldwide with a special section by the late Professor Pierre Vellas,
the founder of the first UTA in Toulouse and of AIUTA, the International Association of UTAs