My U3a buttonOur very successful project - 'My U3A' - for U3A/UTA members around the world, is still being added to by groups outside the UK and Australia. Click on the button to see examples.....

Here are the headings;
1. Name and location of my U3A 2. How many members? 3. Range of Activities 4. What I like best about my U3A 5. My personal message

During September and October 2009 we are helping Dr Lesley Newson of University of Exeter, and her husband Professor Pete Richerson of University of California, Davis, with their researches into changes in attitudes. It involves giving an opinion on how a certain situation should be handled. Click here to learn more about Richard's Question.

Mentors buttonIn June 2008 we announced an email project for mentoring German students of the English language in association with Anna Essinger Realschule in Ulm, Germany.

Some results of this pilot project are available if you click on the button above and we intend to continue with similar projects. A good working knowledge of Microsoft WORD is all that is needed.



Growing up buttonWhere did you grow up? Tell us about that, and describe a childhood incident that still brings a smile whenever you think of it. Have you been back to see that place and what sort of changes did you find?

(This is on a private U3A website and you will need to request a password to read previous entries).

Yesterday buttonWhat did you eat yesterday? And how did you eat it? Fork? Spoon? Fingers? Standing? Sitting? During February 2006 that question was put to 50 members of U3A around the world as part of an email project with Chaitanya School in Hyderabad, India. They were 'twinned' with a small group of children at this progressive English-medium school. Places were limited to 50, and the school plotted our responses on a world map. Press the button now to learn more.......

Space buttonThis was an invitation from Julie Bochanova, coordinator of the U3A Group at the People's University in Zelenogorsk, Siberia to take part in their email project on the 50th anniversary of the first artifical satellite and the 45th of the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin. Also taking part were students of the Space Exploration School of this town. Please click on the button to learn more.....


Break through buttonIt is difficult to understand people of other countries; and even more difficult to want to understand. But sometimes an event, a book, a painting, an everyday experience, a film,breaks through this barrier of misunderstanding, so that we see the people of another country in a new light. Results buttonClick-on the button above to learn more about this new project, and the one on the right for some responses....


Advice button'Advice' was an interesting exercise in creative writing and also part of some research being carried out by Exeter University. Now completed and some early results can be found here.



A world without fear button
During May 2005 U3A Zelenogorsk, Siberia, and U3A International, UK, ran a major English-language email project 'A World Without Fear'. Please click on the button on the right to learn more. YouAnswers button can also see some of the responses we received if you click on the 'Answers' button. This is now completed.


End of War buttonStarting in January 2005, we asked you to submit a short (one A4 page) description of where you were and what you were doing on the day you learnt that World War 2 had ended. To learn more, click-on the button to the right. This is now completed.


Breakfast buttonOur first email project was with an Elementary School in Denmark - Solbakkeskolen where the teacher, Jane Hansen, invited third-agers from around the world to write to her students about their breakfast. This is now completed.


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