The Steering Group

Tom Holloway coordinates the group. He lives in Hyderabad in India much of the year where he works for several charities making fund-raising films and websites. His main energies go into running a Community Free-school in an impoverished community of Dalits and landless families. You can read more at his website

He is Editor of U3A Signpost (UK) and webmonger of and and -- plus many other charity websites.

He has helped to put more than 50 local U3A Groups onto the World-Wide-Web. He also offers telephone assistance with setting up a 'wiki' or a website for other local groups.

Moira Allan is co-founder of the Pass It On Network, an Internet platform for positive ageing advocates around the globe using their lifelong experience to help themselves, their families and communities to adapt to the rapidly changing world. See their website here >>>

She travels widely, speaking at international conferences on behalf of the Pass It On Network.

Dr Sajjan Singh is President of ISU3A, the Indian Society of Universities of the Third Age, and started the first Indian U3A in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, in 2005.

He is also organising chairman of the U3A International Conference run in March 2018 by the Indian Society of Universities of the Third Age and the National Association of Senior Citizens of India Alliance in Delhi.

He can be reached on SKYPE as drsajjansingh

Kathrine Fenton-May is immediate Past President, U3A Durban, South Africa. She has many contacts throughout Africa and is widely travelled.

She says... "Having been privileged to travel far and wide, the tourist spots were given a very brief visit and then I would go off to where the local people shopped and live. These shops tell a lot about the locals – this is what I wanted to see and experience.

I believe in the Philosophy of the U3A and consider it a privilege to be part of the group". She can be reached on Skype as fentonia

Thomas Kuan is the Founder of Singapore's U 3rd Age - and - and an active member of the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance and the monthly video-conference U3A Forum.

He organised and ran the very successful International U3A Conference in Singapore in 2011.